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Bebida has an exclusive partnership with Jacob Douwe Egberts covering the East Midlands of England, Bebida offer a portfolio of products for all situations and environments. Bebida supply and service a wide variety of hot drinks systems, specialising in manual espresso and bean to cup coffee machines, liquid roast ‘Cafitesse’ and fresh bulk brew systems. Hot chocolate and fresh brew tea machines are available to dispense an impressive range of high quality drink brands. 

A global coffee & tea company, serving consumers in more than 100 countries through iconic brands including: Jacobs, Tassimo, Moccona, Senseo, L’OR, Douwe Egberts, Super, Kenco, Pilao & Gevalia

JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS is home to some of the most well known coffee brands in the world.

We believe that everyone deserves the coffee they love. Wherever you are and how ever you take it.


Pure coffee, consistently as fresh as the day it was roasted with every cup.

Cafitesse enables you to benefit from Douwe Egberts trusted expertise in coffee, taking high quality green coffee beans, expertly blending and roasting them in exactly the same way as their other coffee products. The coffee is brewed in optimal conditions, perfectly packaged and quickly frozen to lock in the flavour, ensuring the coffee in your cup is as fresh as it can be. Liquid Roast is the simplest way to produce high quality coffee and offers the fastest freshest coffee solution on the market.

Superior Dark Excellence has a dark pure roast and ground taste, and wonderfully rich aroma. Made from 100% Arabica it is delicious as a black coffee but also makes a great cappuccino or latte. Superior Dark Excellence is also 100% UTZ certified.

Available in 2 x 2 litre  2 x 1.25 litre cases.

Medium Roast – A pure and balanced, medium intense coffee which is comfortably enjoyed in a wide range of drink preparations. Characterised by softly sweet nuances, this well rounded classic tasting blend is a crowd pleaser, which works well both with and without milk.

Available in 2 x 2 Litre cases.

Mediterraneo – A strong full bodied coffee with a smokey bitter sweet character, enriched with spicy nuances. This bold, intensely flavoured espresso type blend is ideal for rich milky drinks, such as Cappuccino or Latte.

Available in 2 x 2 Litre cases.

Good Origin – Consisting of 100% UTZ certified beans, Good Origin is a balanced, well rounded blend with medium intense, softly sweet flavours, tempered with a lightly bittersweet aftertaste. Comfortably enjoyed in a wide range of preparations, this classic tasting blend is a crowd pleaser which works well both with and without milk. UTZ CERTIFIED® 

Available in 2 x 2 Litre cases.

Decaffeinated – All the flavour without the caffeine, this distinctively delicate, yet vividly fresh and fruity, 100% Arabica blend of light summery flavours, is ideal for those who prefer their coffee black.

Available in 2 x 1.25 Litre cases.

Cocao Fantasy – Creamy full flavoured hot chocolate drink, with a rich long lasting slightly sweet taste. Can also be combined with Cafitesse coffee for a delicious Espresso Choc.

Available in 4 x 2 Litre cases.

Café Milc is the key to creating smooth, delicious cappuccino and any other milk based coffee drink. Made from 100% semi-skimmed milk, Café Milc delivers all-natural flavour that strongly enhances the Cafitesse coffee drinking experience.

Available in 4 x 2 Litre and 6 x 0.75 Litre cases.


Discover the true art of coffee, and serve your coffee loving customers a masterpiece in every espresso.

The Piazza D’Oro range of superior quality premium espresso blends, are all slow-roasted in accordance with traditional Italian recipes. Each blend full of character, distinctive and exceptional, offering you the best in espresso and your customers the authentic experience they demand.

It is the craftsmanship of the espresso that sets Piazza D’Oro apart from the rest.


From the Italian meaning ‘Sweet’

A beautiful delicate aroma with floral notes, Piazza D’Oro Dolce delivers a medium bodied coffee with sweet notes of stone fruits and a citrus like finish. Blended with milk, this espresso blend creates a smooth cappuccino and latte with hints of vanilla and crème brûlée.

Piazza D’Oro Dolce is a high quality graded UTZ CERTIFIED® 100% Arabica blend roasted in accordance with traditional Italian recipes to bring out the full characteristics of the coffee bean.


From the Italian meaning ‘Strength’

A subtle yet sweet aroma on the nose, Piazza D’Oro Forza delivers a smooth, balanced creamy espresso with notes of chocolate. Blended with milk, it delivers a delicious caramel – almost butterscotch flavoured cappuccino and latte.

Piazza d’Oro Forza is a high quality graded UTZ CERTIFIED® 100% Arabica blend, roasted in accordance with traditional Italian recipes to bring out the full characteristics of the coffee bean.


From the Italian meaning ‘Powerful’

An aroma boasting roasted almonds and hints of spice, Piazza D’Oro Intenso delivers a rich, smooth coffee with notes of dark bitter chocolate. Blended with milk, it serves a bold creamy cappuccino and latte with notes of chocolate.

UTZ CERTIFIED®  Each bag of Piazza d’Oro Dolce, Forza and Intenso is fully traceable to the farms where the coffee originated, providing transparent proof points of the UTZ CERTIFIED® programme. It not only answers two key questions “Where was my coffee produced?” and “How was it produced?” but also has a positive impact on the livelihoods of farmers, workers and their families.

For more information on UTZ CERTIFIED® visit




With Promesso you can finally experience a coffee system that is as tasteful and stylish as it is reliable. It offers you the quality you want while giving you the consistency you need. Allowing you to create every personal coffee you can imagine. So, why compromise?

The finest selection of 100% arabica beans are at the heart of the outspoken personality of Promesso Blend No. 1. This characterful coffee combines carefully roasted notes and rich aromas for a deep well balanced taste. Allowing you to create every coffee you can imagine,  from a pure espresso to a lavish cappuccino or latte macchiato, without compromise.


Cafitesse Excellence sets a new benchmark in roast and ground coffee quality. a combination of superior roast and ground coffee, with a stunning, highly capable yet hassle free machine. Cafitesse Excellence allows you to confidently serve more customers with a full range of specialty drinks at any time.

  • Holds both 2 Litre and 1.25 litre packs.

  • up to 600 cups per hour.

  • Delivers a cappuccino in less than 12 seconds.

  • Only 2 minutes cleaning time per week


Cafitesse Excellence Compact is designed to deliver a wide choice of coffee blends and drink variations. From strong espresso to indulgent cappuccino, milky latte macchiato, and tasty sweet chocolate. Cafitesse Excellence Compact means you can maintain impressively high standards that please everyones preference.

  • Holds 1.25 litre packs.

  • Fills a cup in 17 seconds.

  • 22kg empty

  • 3 litre boiler size

  • Only 2 minutes cleaning time per week


The easy to use interface is as efficient as it is straightforward. It guarantees you great coffee at the touch of a button. Cafitesse offers you maximum uptime through the combination of smart and simple design and world class service. Thanks to its small-but-mighty ingredients, refilling is done quickly and easily via single handed front-loading access.

  • Holds 2 packs of Cafitesse of 2.25 or 2 litre.

  • 300 cups per hour (1 phase) or 800 cups an hour (3 phase)

  • 36.5kg empty

  • 10 litre boiler size

  • Only 2 minutes cleaning time per week


Introducing the next generation Quantum 110. A high performance, energy efficient roast and ground coffee machine, perfect for high volume demand (delivering up to 600 cups per hour if required). No waste, no mess, simple to use.

  • 4  direct selection buttons

  • 30kg (empty)

  • 10 litre boiler size

  • Only 2 mins cleaning time per week




Exclusively designed for lovers of great bean coffee, Barista one brings the authentic fresh bean experience to any environment.

Barista ONE combines coffee from the finest beans with the innovative technology of a fully automatic Swiss-made espresso machine that allows you to create the most amazing coffees and milk-based varieties, wherever you are and whenever you want. Barista ONE enables you to transform the coffee corner into your own espresso bar.

This fully automatic espresso machine creates any tasty variation in the blink of an eye, from a powerful Espresso to a silky smooth Cappuccino or an indulgent Latte. Made from the best coffee beans and using a system that is tuned to absolute perfection.

Combined with its simple, user-friendly and intuitive full-colour 7-inch touchscreen to select and prepare the beverages, Barista ONE offers you the best of both worlds.


Bravilor Bonamat supplies four espresso machines. Depending on your wishes you can select either type 11, 12, 21 or 22.

The Esprecious 21 has two grinders, a divided bean canister and one canister for instant ingredients. The divided bean canister makes it possible to offer a perfect espresso with Arabica beans and a perfect cup of coffee with Robusta beans. You can set each grinder as you’d like, coarsely or finely ground. The large canister (over 3 L) for instant ingredients can be filled with topping for coffee flavours such as cappuccino and latte*. However, you can also fill this canister with your own preferred premix.

In addition to a perfect cup of coffee, the Esprecious offers more: the interactive touchscreen is not only an eye-catcher, but features many customisable options. Including full colour graphical branding opportunities to give you the possibility to create a truly unique machine – in fact a marketing tool of its own. The LED lighting around the display can be set to any RGB colour, ensuring that the Esprecious suits any interior.



At Bebida we recommend and use La Spaziale and Conti coffee machines


La Spaziale can draw on 65 years of experience to bring quality espresso machines to the market. Unique cutting edge technology paired with Italian handmade beauty, La Spaziale’s unrivalled range of espresso machines cover all requirements and budgets. Their  UK service is tailor made to suit individual needs, priding ourselves on our “can do” approach.



With nearly 60 years of manufacturing experience, this privately owned and operated business is synonymous with exceptional quality and reliability from its machinery. Combining this with a genuine passion for innovation and fantastic coffee, makes Conti one of the rising stars within the machine world.


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