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Consumers are more brand aware than ever before. In these image conscious times it is important that you have the most powerful range of soft drinks that your consumers love and trust.

We offer the brands that mean more business, and greater profits!

Coca Cola Logo (2)


We are pleased to offer you the number one soft drinks brand in the world – Coca Cola and Diet Coke on dispense, as part of our long term contract with Coca Cola Enterprises.

Not only do we have Coca Cola and Diet Coke, it is available in a ‘unique’ 10 Litre bag in box, thereby giving you more of the biggest brand in the world, at a very competitive price.

Coke Zero is supplied in a 7 Litre format. This great tasting zero sugar, zero calorie, full-flavoured product is becoming more popular. This will be the perfect choice to avoid the sugar tax arriving in early 2018!

This product is supported by official Coke glassware and displays. 

Pepsi Logo (1)


We are proud to supply 12 Litre Britvic UK manufactured ‘multi million’ global brand Pepsi and Diet Pepsi.

Rather than the more commonly supplied 7 litre version, Bebida also supply Britvic’s UK manufactured ‘multi £million’ global brand Pepsi, Diet Pepsi Cola and Pepsi Max, in a larger and more convenient 12 Litre bag in box.




Vimto SMUF Logo


One of the UKs leading brands – the ‘mixed up’ fruit drink with its own unique taste. This great tasting refreshing drink has mass appeal amongst all age groups.



Sunkist Orange – One of the biggest and instantly recognisable global brands outside the Cola market. Also in the Sunkist range, we offer a Lemonade, Lemonade Zero and Lime and Lemon, products to perfectly complement our branded colas.

Sunkist Juices – Orange and Apple Juices from one of the leading juice specialists in the world. Keep ‘on trend’ with your customers healthier drink choices, with all the convenience of a postmix solution.


A global brand in the ever growing Cranberry juice sector. A great drink by itself or as a mixer.


Another powerful market leading UK brand, again with massive appeal for all consumer types. A great product delivering the unique IRN BRU taste.

V Range LogoAs part of the Vimto Dispense Solutions Distributor Network, Bebida can provide you with a range of modern dispense equipment, installed to ensure that the V Range is perfectly served.

Our diverse range offers a Premium Cola and Diet Cola, 3 Lemonades including a zero sugar version, an Energy drink, 2 Tonics including a Slimline version, Ginger Beer, Iron Brew, Apple Juice and Fruit Cordials.

The V Range provides consistent high quality with maximum taste for genuine customer satisfaction.



The widely recognised branded SUNKIST slush range offered by Bebida is available in two great flavours, Blue Raspberry and Strawberry & Kiwi. We also stock our own range of non branded slush from which you can choose from upto 20 great flouvours.

Each 10 litre box provides you with upto 70 litres of finished product.

Great tasting products for your customers combined with fantastic margins make this an attractive proposition for most businesses.

Bebida supply slush machines and provide technical support through various options.


Bebida can now offer you JP Chenet draught wines. JP Chenet is the World’s No 1 French Wine,  and the worlds second most popular brand.

New and Exclusive only to Vimto Out Of Home and Bebida.

We will install the wine equipment free on loan, and also support you with point of sale including 50cl carafes.

Our Range –

Colombard Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Dry Rose, Rose Ice, Cabernet Syrah & Merlot.


Bebida Beverage Solutions Ltd install the latest modern soft drink dispenser systems for all styles of outlets. From modern dispense towers to the renowned Wunderbar dispense gun, a variety of equipment solutions are available on a ‘free on loan’ basis. This equipment is expertly installed and maintained to meet the operational requirements of your business.

If your drinks dispenser needs attention Bebida understand that you need the fast and reliable technical support. Our engineers are available 364 days a year, 7 days a week, with cover provided daily from 8am to 8pm. Our technician’s will regularly call to check your equipment, thus ensuring your post mix drinks are at the right temperature and at the correct brix settings. This will ensure that you maximise your profits on every serve, and provide your customers with a correctly chilled drink every time.

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